Welcome to my portfolio!

Social Media Graphics

Here are just a few of the social media graphics I have created. I grew Evernest’s LinkedIn from 5,000 to almost 10,000 followers in 2 years.

Left – An update for our clients on our newly added Brokerage Department.

Middle – The first webinar promotion post for the series. The team at Evernest decided to host a webinar each month to help other Property Management companies scale their business.

Right – Small to Midsize Multifamily Rental Post to inform our clients of the Evernest Multifamily process. This graphic was the first of six in the series, from how to buy/sell a PM company, processes, technology, and more!

YouTube Thumbnail Graphics

Created YouTube thumbnail graphics, wrote YouTube descriptions, and executed the video production by working closely with a video editor to produce a video that helped our brand awareness.

Zoom Backgrounds

Designed Zoom backgrounds for the Evernest team to use internally and externally. Worked with Zoom/Google Meets.

E-Book Covers

I personally designed the cover image for Evernest’s two E-Books. The E-book contents was created with the marketing department. This was created in 2022 to help investors and property managers.

Blog Graphics

The Evernest marketing department created blog posts for rental investors interested in small multifamily and large multifamily rentals.

I designed unique blog graphics to go on the website and to promote the blogs on LinkedIn.

Sticker Graphics

Crafted two unique sticker designed for conferences, Agent meetings and more!

Yard Signs/Car Magnet

These two designs were designed to help our markets with hiring more A-Players for the Evernest team and promoting who we are.

Business Cards

I designed a budget friendly business card design for the Tampa office, however, this design was used as a template for all 32 other markets.

Email Newsletter Graphics

This Complete Webinar Archive graphic was used as a banner image to promote Evernest’s webinar library being located all in one place.

Email Software: ActiveCampaign and MailChimp

This graphic was created for the bottom of all three Evernest newsletters: Property Managers, Investors, Brokerage.

Email Software: ActiveCampaign and MailChimp


Left – As we scaled our markets went from 10 to 32 in the span of 3 years, this EN Merch List graphic helped people on our team see what was available. I helped design and order each item of merchandise for the team as well.

Right – Multifamily Post-Close Checklist was created to go along with a social media post series. This was created so our clients and future clients could see what our multifamily team evaluates before you purchase or bring a property over to Evernest to manage.

Service Map

I created a service map design of where Evernest has Property Management/Brokerage, Brokerage Only, HOA Only, and Property Management/Brokerage/HOA services available.


These two flyers were created for our HR department.

Left – Standard Paycor Recruitment Workflow from site candidate to candidate hire.

Right – Join Our Team flyer to show what roles are available in maintenance and brokerage.

Left – I crafted an Annual Property Condition Report for the operations team to express the importance of having a rental property inspected at least once a year after the resident is placed.

Right – The Evernest Flex Program was a program that Evernest considered implementing. I worked with the VPs and executive team to create a one-sheeter that implemented what the team pictured for this program – written and design wise.

Left – The Investor Tour flyer was created to promote the investor event in Birmingham, AL.

Right – The Williamsburg flyer to promote the Evernest services and Williamsburg market. Worked with the BDM in the market to create something similar for all Virginia markets.

Investor PDF

A two-page Investor PDF for an Investor conference. Worked closely with the Chief Real Estate Officer to create this handout.



Rebekah is an incredible creative! She’s great at taking a vague description from her clients and turning it into something beautiful and marketable. She’s an amazing visual storyteller and I will definitely be sending more work her way!